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Filmclusive Logo - a square shape made of yellow lines resembling a diamond shaped square with the letters F and C.

About the Founder

Mas Moriya

Founder / CEO / Producer / Filmmaker / Photographer

Mas Moriya is an award-winning filmmaker and producer with an extensive background in film production, event producing, and photography, including working as Alicia Keys’ personal photographer in 2016.

An entrepreneur at heart, Mas founded the nonprofits Rogue Photo and Strong Asian Lead, and has a strong background in web design and small business management.

Filmclusive represents the culmination of two years of dedicated web design and automation efforts. Created to address the fragmented job search process in the entertainment industry, Filmclusive is a platform Mas built out of personal necessity, now shared with the industry to support diverse talent. While he misses making films, Mas is committed to the success of Filmclusive, ensuring it provides valuable opportunities for creatives who want to break into the industry. 

The Inspiration Behind Filmclusive:

As an Asian American filmmaker and founder of a nonprofit in entertainment, I constantly received requests for specific talents that were hard to find through traditional methods. I realized there was a need for a better system – a platform where talent could be easily discovered without the hassle of multiple subscriptions and fees. Filmclusive was built from scratch to solve this problem, providing a comprehensive, inclusive solution for the industry.

About Filmclusive

A New Way to Hollywood

Our Mission

At Filmclusive, our mission is simple: to connect talented creatives with opportunities in the entertainment industry. We aim to eliminate barriers, making it easy for everyone to apply for jobs and find new talent. We believe in fostering diversity and ensuring that everyone has a fair chance to showcase their skills and land the roles they deserve.

Our Values

At Filmclusive, we believe in creating an inclusive and accessible platform where every unique identity is represented, and job applications are always free. We foster a supportive community that values professionalism, respect, and collaboration. Transparency and continuous improvement guide our journey, ensuring we remain authentic and responsive to user feedback.

Why Filmclusive?

Filmclusive was created out of frustration with the current state of job postings in the entertainment industry. As a filmmaker, I was tired of sifting through endless social media posts and struggling to find relevant job opportunities amidst a sea of unrelated content. Moreover, the need for diverse talent in Hollywood is more important than ever. We want authentic voices and true representation, not stereotypical casting or misrepresentation.

What We Do:

Filmclusive is designed to streamline the talent discovery process. Whether you're looking for actors, writers, directors, or behind-the-scenes crew, our platform connects you with top opportunities in Hollywood and beyond. We cater to specific needs such as finding talent of particular ethnicities or backgrounds, ensuring authenticity and cultural accuracy in storytelling.

Why It's Free and How We Make Money:

Applying for work on Filmclusive is always free. We believe in focusing on the creators and talent, not charging them to seek opportunities. Our revenue comes from other sources, such as sponsored job listings, subscription memberships, premium features, educational masterclasses, and professional coaching services. This allows us to support our platform and keep it accessible for everyone.

Join Us:

Sign up today and become part of the most inclusive and efficient platform in the entertainment industry. Whether you're looking for your next big role or the perfect talent, Filmclusive is here to help. Thank you for checking us out and giving us a try. Together, we can create a more diverse and equitable industry.