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Why Filmclusive Has a Strong Presence of Asian and Asian American Talent

From Strong Asian Lead to Filmclusive

In the dynamic world of entertainment, finding a platform that caters to a diverse range of talents can be challenging. Filmclusive emerged from this need, building on the foundation laid by Strong Asian Lead. The transition from Strong Asian Lead to Filmclusive has not only broadened our scope but also emphasized our commitment to inclusivity and representation. Here's why Filmclusive has a significant presence of Asian and Asian American talent and how it serves as a comprehensive platform for everyone in the industry.

The Origins: Strong Asian Lead

Filmclusive's journey began with Strong Asian Lead, a nonprofit film school aimed at getting Asian American cinema into film schools. The initiative was spearheaded by Mas Moriya, who recognized the gap in opportunities and representation for Asian actors, directors, screenwriters, and crew members. Strong Asian Lead quickly became a vital resource, amassing almost 400 Asian Americans on the platform. You can learn more about us at Strong Asian Lead.

Addressing a Growing Need

The entertainment industry often overlooks Asian and Asian American talent, making it difficult for these individuals to find casting calls and auditions. As Mas Moriya interacted with the community, it became evident that there was a substantial demand for a platform dedicated to Asian American actors and casting directors. This need led to the creation and growth of Strong Asian Lead.

Rebranding to Filmclusive

As the platform grew, so did its vision. The transition from Strong Asian Lead to Filmclusive was driven by the realization that the industry needed a more inclusive platform. While the initial focus was on Asian and Asian American talent, the goal expanded to serve all identities and backgrounds. This rebranding allowed Filmclusive to cater to a broader audience while maintaining its commitment to supporting Asian and Asian American talent.

Why Filmclusive Attracts Asian and Asian American Talent

Community Roots: Many of Filmclusive's early adopters came from Strong Asian Lead. The platform's origin story resonates with Asian and Asian American professionals who have been seeking a dedicated space for their talents.

Representation and Inclusivity: Filmclusive emphasizes the importance of representation. By providing a platform where Asian and Asian American actors, directors, screenwriters, and crew members can find opportunities, Filmclusive actively works to bridge the gap in the industry.

Comprehensive Casting Calls: The platform is designed to host casting calls and auditions not just for Asian Americans but for everyone. However, given the founder's background and community connections, Asian American casting calls and auditions are prevalent, attracting a significant number of Asian talents.

Intersectionality: Filmclusive acknowledges the intersectionality of Asian Americans with other identities. This approach ensures that the platform is inclusive, offering opportunities to a diverse range of talents.

The Power of a Unified Platform

Filmclusive aims to simplify the hiring process in the entertainment industry. Producers and casting directors no longer need to juggle multiple platforms to find the right talent. With Filmclusive, they can access a diverse pool of actors, directors, screenwriters, and crew members in one place. This unified approach makes it easier to discover talent, streamline workflows, and manage casting calls efficiently.

Expanding Beyond Asian and Asian American Talent

While Filmclusive has a strong foundation in the Asian American community, it is designed to serve the entire entertainment industry. By offering advanced search and filtering options, the platform helps casting directors and recruiters find the perfect match for their projects, regardless of the talent's background.

Success Stories

Many Asian and Asian American professionals have found their breakthrough opportunities on Filmclusive. The platform's success stories include actors landing major roles, screenwriters getting their scripts produced, and directors finding the perfect crew for their projects. These stories underscore Filmclusive's impact on the industry and its potential to drive meaningful change.

Join Filmclusive Today

Filmclusive is more than just a job board; it's a community dedicated to transforming the entertainment industry. Whether you're an actor looking for your next audition, a screenwriter seeking production opportunities, or a director assembling a crew, Filmclusive is here to support you. By joining Filmclusive, you become part of a movement towards greater inclusivity and representation in entertainment.

If you're ready to explore new opportunities and connect with a diverse community of professionals, join Filmclusive today. For more information or to partner with us, please reach out at


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