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They Charge You, We Don’t.
Here’s Why.

Those other platforms are charging you fees to apply for jobs, and they shouldn’t be. It’s not just unfair—it’s against the law. 

Other platforms are currently being sued for exploitative “pay-to-play” practice. We’re here to change that.

Legal Backing

California’s Fee-Related Talent Services Law prohibits charging fees for submitting audition materials. Lawsuits against Casting Networks and Actors Access highlight how these platforms violate these protections, exploiting actors financially

Our Unique Approach

Filmclusive is a free platform for all auditions and casting calls. No fees, no hidden costs—just pure opportunity.

"How do you make money?"

Sponsored Listings: Studios pay to feature their casting notices at the top.

Directory Listings: Small monthly fee to list your name in our directory.

Directory Access: Modest fee to browse and connect with the directory.

Transparent, Affordable, and Always Free for Job Seekers.